Friday, January 15, 2010

Word Othello

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Word Othello

This is the one-on-one version of Word Bingo. It combines the sight-word matching of Bingo with the strategic oppositional play of Othello. It works for both beginning readers who are strong in strategy games like chess and checkers, and older struggling readers who need to increase their vocabulary. Word lists for more advanced readers can be built off of roots, endings, or parts of speech.


Othello Board and Pieces
Transparent sheets
Mailing Labels/Printable Sticker Sheets
Word Lists

Build the Game:

  1. Print multiples of the words on stickers and separate.
  2. Lay the transparent sheet, cut to size, over the Othello playing board.
  3. Keeping track of which words are in each set, divide the word list into three progressively smaller groups (12, 8, 4, for example).
  4. Stick multiples of the largest set on the bottom sheet, covering all the squares.
  5. Lay the second transparent sheet over the first and replace some of the multiples with the next set.
  6. Use the last set of word stickers for the third transparency.
  7. Using the track sheet for the word sets, print three different colors of word cards, one for each transparent layer.
Game Play:

Option One
The goal is to get a four-square of your color. Block your opponent.
Layer One: turn one card over each turn, placing two pieces your color side up on matching words.
Layer Two and Three: turn one card over each turn, placing one piece of your color side up on matching words.

Option Two
The goal is to get as many four-squares as you can while blocking your opponent in a cover-all game.
Gameplay is the same as above.

Option Three
The goal is to have the most of your color face-up on the board.
Review the game rules for Othello. The difference is that pieces can only be set on a word when the card is drawn.