Monday, December 1, 2008

“Three Stings” -- Shel Silverstein

These are just lesson plan ideas. To create a lesson plan, refer to How to Write a Lesson Plan

Using quotations.
Review the grammatical structures of quotations
-shape –placement –utility –capitalization –punctuation

How many ways are there to say “said” ? Brainstorm first, then teach how to use a thesaurus to add to the list. Add more characters and have them [say], “[their response to being stung]."

Slang/ Dialect
Shel Silverstein uses the word “somethin’” in his poem. Have someone write something you say with the phonetics you pronounce, and then try to translate. How is it useful to use slang when writing dialogue?

Optimism and Pessimism.
Discuss “The glass is half full/ half empty” and positive attitude psychology. Who in the poem is an optimist? List some other awful situations. What would George, Frank, and Lew have to say about them? How would you rate their attitudes (good, bad)? Is there a situation where Lew’s attitude wouldn’t be the best response?

Bee Stings
Some people have allergies to bee stings. Read about bees, stings, and allergies. How could you justify George’s or Frank’s attitude toward being stung using physical reactions?

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